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Our freeze

Perfectly set - for the optimal level of freshness

The freeze-drying processes of Freeze-Dry Ingredients preserve ingredients without loss of quality. The process protects the colors, structures, nutrients and flavors.

Our freeze-dried products have the same unmistakable flavors as fresh products - and look the same too.

Just how we can guarantee this, and how we at Freeze-Dry Ingredients work, we are pleased to be able to show you:

Our processing

Freeze-Dry Ingredients, through its sister companies, operates its own reprocessing plants with cutting-edge technology, to process the raw materials according to the highest standards. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • separating light and heavy components, such as stems and leaves of herbs
  • various methods of screening to sort by size
  • post-grating
  • metal detector-based cleaning
  • vacuum packaging 
  • nitrogen flushing to prevent certain chemical processes which may lead to a deterioration of product quality following exposure to oxygen 
  • batch-packaging

We also produce customized product blends and package in industry-sized containers


»The unadulterated freshness of nature is the goal. What comes out of our production is as close as possible to it.«


Gernot Hartmann, Produktion