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Pure pleasure

and mouth-watering at the same time.

Are you looking for freeze-dried ingredients of a special kind to convert your customers to the taste of your products? Then you are in the right place with Freeze-Dry Ingredients! Our premium ingredients have enriched the creations of the food industry for many years. Our recipe: quality and freshness from field to plate. We select raw materials carefully, and process them quickly and gently, providing unrivalled taste experiences. And you will also benefit from our superior customized service. No matter what you plan to do, we will be happy to join you!


Product applications

Freshness at its best

Fruit snacks in muesli, fine spices for specialities or natural herbs for soups, sauces and ready-to-serve meals: Products from Freeze-Dry Ingredients prove their quality and freshness, especially in commercial applications. We produce ingredients for taste experiences - tailored precisely to your project-specific requirements.


fish processing

Fish processing

Why our dry ingredients enhance the freshness of seafood products can be  found here:

muesli, tea, chocolates
+ pastries

Muesli, tea, chocolates + pastries

Why crisp snacks and sweet treats should not exist without us, can be  found here:

Cheese + Dairy products

Cheese + Dairies

How we provide freeze-dried ingredients for new cheese varieties, can be found here:

Soups +

Soups + Sauces

How our ingredients provide the finest taste on the spoon, can be  found here:

food supplements

Food supplements

Who can build  upon the optimal nutritional values ​​of our ingredients, can be found here:

Meat +

Meat + Sausages

Why everything from sausages to steaks can rely on ingredients from Freeze-Dry Ingredients can be  found here:


What makes Freeze-Dry Ingredients special and how the company has developped itself, can be foun here:



How we treat our ingredients as exclusive from cultivation to delivery, can be found here:



How we enable aromatic and flavor innovations with genuine natural products, can be found here:

pet food

Pet food

How our animal friends also have a right to natural flavors can be found here:



How we support the trend to more fruitful cosmetic products with natural ingredients, can be found here:

industry ready

Industry ready solutions

How our ingredients can bring  innovation to industrial ready mixes can be found here:


From Farm to Fork

The explaination behind the quality promisses of Freeze-Dry Ingredients can be foud here:

23. Jun 2022
IFT Chicago 2022

IFT - The Food Expo is back!

Join us face-to-face in Chicago from 10-13 July 2022 at booth #S3712
We are looking forward to meeting you.


»Those who cook without herbs may as well stick to dry bread and water.«


Chris Braun, Sales