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»Recipes for pet food have no limits with the ingredients of Freeze-Dry Ingredients - please contact us!«


Jorge Mendeza

For pet food

And this to the last bite

Exclusive and always flavorful ingredients - this is our promise to our customers in the field of animal nutrition. The addition of ourpremium freeze-dried ingredients, such as peas and green beans or bananas and blueberries, make for the perfect feed mix for a hearty nutritious and balanced diet for our animal companions. Our ingredients, full of freshness and natural in both color and shape bring new recipes into the world of pet food.

Do you have questions about the compatibility of individual ingredients? We will be happy to help.

Our ingredients for animal nutrition

Are you still looking for the right ingredient for your pet food recipe?

In our product finder you will find what you are looking for.


Vegetables (5)
Fruits (14)
Specialities (1)

Fresh ideas

Inspiration for your products

Turn a simple grain mix into a muesli for our feathered friends: enrich your birdseed with dried fruit and vegetable pieces. So you offer your customers a healthy and tasty option to provide their little pets with all the essential nutrients.


Our product suggestions:

  • Carrots AD
  • Blueberry  FD
  • Pineapple FD


Our list of freeze-dried ingredients is long.

We supply mainly:


  • Bananas
  • Mango
  • Shrimps


We also offer air-dried ingredients.

Producers of pet food are particularly fond of: 


  • Carotts

Contact us.

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