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Our products

Guaranteed natural and premium quality

Ingredients from Freeze-Dry Ingredients also ensure a special flavor in your food products. In order to guarantee this, we submit our ingredients to strict quality controls - from the selection of the cultivation area to the final delivery. Exclusive alliance partners, first class standards and reliable logistics are just some of the reasons why customers around the world are convinced by our product promises. Let us convince you!



For special seasonings

Since mankind started thinking, herbs have brought a special touch to recipes. We source our ingredients directly from selected farmers, who have proven themselves through their co-operation over many years. Our suppliers are spread worldwide, for example in India, Spain, France and Peru.


For more fruit naturally

Premium quality is recognisable through its natural sweetness and the well preserved nutrients. Thanks to our gentle drying processes, fruits will turn into delicious snacks or fine food ingredients.


For a better touch

Chilli, ginger, pepper, berries or grasses - for a fiery spicy flavor or a fruity to mild bite, we at Freeze-Dry Ingredients provide you with exquisite spices from the world. Our Quality Control: Made in Germany.

Instant Pasta

For a faster use

Ribbons, Shells, Spaghettini and other instant pasta types are available from Freeze-Dry Ingredients! We provide you with excellent products from our supplier who has been producing superior pasta for over 95 years.



For freshness with every bite

Spicy, strong, fresh, slightly sweetish or rather sharp? No matter what you choose, from asparagus to zucchini, you will always have the best flavor with reduced weight. And this, 365 days a year.

Quality is a basic requirement

Quality guarantee Safety Multiple certification Sustainability
Freshness begins with us

At harvest

Because we control the quality of our products right from the start - and thus define the production standards of our producers.


While processing

Because our gentle drying process ensures long shelf life - without preservatives or additives.


Through our controls

Because we analyse our products’ sensory and microbiological values using a sophisticated test plan - in our in-house laboratory and with our certified partners.


With the flavor

Because we keep an intense and natural flavor through our freezing processes.


With the color

Because our freeze drying not only protects structures, minerals and flavors but also color.


In the shape

Because our end products do not differ in taste and shape from the natural product - but only in their dehydration.



Flavor - practically made

Eating with your eyes. To make this possible, we make vibrant colors and a natural form part of our quality promise. In terms of functionality, products from Freeze-Dry Ingredients also impress with their low weight, their long shelf life and their rapid taste development thanks to immediate rehydration. This is how we combine taste and function.



Freshness - in the long term

Future-oriented storage

What is certain is that freeze drying at Freeze-Dry Ingredients requires a certain amount of energy because of our special processing requirements of low temperature and low pressure. However, once the drying process is completed, the energy requirements for product transport and storage are minimal when compared with those for cooled or frozen products. Ultimately: a significant plus for the environment.


Future orientated business

Many years ago, Freeze-Dry Ingredients joined the Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) online platform used by many food manufacturers. Here, we provide transparent information about production site related information and data on working conditions, work safety & hygiene, company integrity and environmental management. Customers and partners of Freeze-Dry Ingredients can therefore be sure: sustainability and social responsibility are the foundation of our quality.


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